The power of the e-business model

Digital disruptors are upending traditional industries with their e-business models. We all know the big ones: Uber has turned the taxi industry upside down without owning a single car and Airbnb has made hoteliers of us all without a bed to its name.

Here in Ireland, is a new laundry on-demand service that lets users send their washing away to be cleaned with the touch of a button. It’s a straightforward fix to a boring chore that no one likes to do, and now its founder is pursuing a €1 million investment and expansion into mainland Europe. doesn’t own a single washing machine. isn’t a multinational giant, and Uber and Airbnb, worth billions now, started off equally humbly. They identified a problem in an existing market, created a digital fix and made life infinitely easier for the customer simply by harnessing the power of the internet.

Readily accessible digital tools give SMEs the power to compete with larger retailers. Smaller companies are faster and leaner than large established ones, and have the flexibility to take risks and try new things. At this year’s Internet Day, we’ll be hearing from a number of internationally renowned digital innovators on how their e-business models have solved big consumer gripes, and how Irish SMEs can bring their own big ideas to life through the internet.

Want to learn more about Ireland’s internet economy? Book your ticket for Internet Day and check out our exciting line-up of keynote speakers.

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