E-commerce: What is it good for? A lot!

Businesses and consumers around the world are buying and selling online at an unprecedented rate. E-commerce is lifting developing economies out of poverty and expanding markets and services in developed countries.

In our busy daily lives, we will always take the path of least resistance and the internet provides a degree of convenience that we as consumers have never experienced before. We can buy our groceries on the bus to work, apply for a loan in bed and book our holiday from the sofa.

We may be approaching a similar watershed moment in Ireland and the signs are there in our growing online spend. Last year, Irish consumers spent €6.5 billion online. That figure is set to rise to €21 billion by 2020 as more and more people buy on the internet, using phones, tablets and computers.

That said, most Irish SMEs still aren’t making the most out of e-commerce. Our own research discovered that just 25% can process sales online. The bad news is that Irish consumers aren’t waiting around for businesses here to catch up. When you can buy the things you want from anywhere in the world, why wait?

SMEs need to understand the full benefits of buying and selling online. At this year’s Internet Day, we’ll be hearing from an insightful panel of e-business entrepreneurs on their success stories and how to get the most out of e-commerce.

Want to learn more about Ireland’s internet economy? Book your ticket for Internet Day and check out our exciting line-up of keynote speakers.

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